Adding Artwork

Over the weekend I’m going to be adding more artwork and fixing up the blog a little more. I’ve been working on my chameleon project for the entire week and I’m a little sick of looking at them. It was my first attempt at watercolor, which came out surprisingly well. In addition to the painting, I made a mini animation of the process i took to create the image. Watercolor and vellum paper were awesome to work with and it should be fairly easy to create more animations with it because it can be erased very easily. For the next drawing project the topic is “mimic,” so over the weekend I need to come up with a concept for that. Speaking of concepts, I still have no idea what I’m doing in Monotype, which is really scary since I want to go for a BFA in Printmaking possibly. The painterly technique is so foreign to me because I’m used to detail in drawings and prints, which is incredibly difficult to achieve. I need to let the ink take control of me instead of the other way around.

Also, I’ve been thinking about entering my animation into another film festival this year. Back in September I entered my work into a festival called Willifest and it went pretty well. It was a 3 day event that had a ridiculous amount of movies playing in different venues around Brooklyn. They gave me an “Official Filmmakers Pass” that could get me into after-parties and other events, so I felt pretty awesome. Submissions are open for Willifest 2011, so if I can another movie before the deadline I’ll probably submit again. Well see what happens! I’ll try to update this thing more often too…


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