I’m finally a BFA in Printmaking!!! All of the hard work finally paid off and I’m going for a higher degree in art. And even better–I’m gonna have my own show! However, in order to get this degree I’m going to have to stay an extra year, which, on the upside, means that I can stay in New Paltz longer and stay away from the real world. But on the downside I’m probably not going to be graduating with the majority of my friends. At least my art buddies will be staying.

Now I feel like there’s an entire load off my chest. I got the major I’ve been working for, I got the house of my dreams with 4 of my favorite people, my classes are all lined up for me. And I might even have a job animating in the summer? It all sounds too good to be true. I better watch my back.

But aside form all of that excitement, for my next printmaking project I’m working on thaumatropes. Thaumatropes are toys that were extremely popular in the Victorian Era, and are basically a double-sided piece of paper with strings attached to opposite sides that create an optical illusion when spun. The most generic one is a cage on one side and a bird on the other, creating the illusion of a trapped bird. I found a neat little website with some examples here: http://www.dickbalzer.com/Flash_Gallery.361.0.html

I’m gonna be created a bunch of little illusions, and hopefully find a way to make some bigger as well. Maybe illusions will tie into my thesis somehow? You know, cause I’m a BFA and all.


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