Silkscreen Final Project

  • So this was my final project for silkscreen that includes my reoccurring Jester character. It was supposed to be due in 2011 for my class, but super sick for the entire semester and in the last two weeks my body just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to take an incomplete for all of my art courses and finish it this semester. As I was laying in bed in a ridiculously ill state, I thought of the idea of plague rats (because that’s truly how I felt at the time–diseased.) I was playing around with the idea of this endless cycle of sickness using rats as the metaphor. But after I recovered, I realized I shouldn’t be dwelling on bad things in the past. This is why I made the rats playful, along with the Jester.

    Since the Jester is my icon for humorous dark situations, I wanted to include him in the project as well. I created an actual puppet of him to go in the center of the theater. The lights in the front actually flicker, and the puppet actual functions (kinda, anyway.)

    Anyway, being sick blows. But I guess good stuff comes out of it too. As, they say, the show must go on!

  • 2 thoughts on “Silkscreen Final Project

    1. Well done ! Will pass this on to my wife (an art teacher) an my son ( at college in 3d art and computer gaming design).

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